Pastor and other Community Organizers

Your non-profit, and every other non-profit, exists to change lives. But sometimes resources alone are not sufficient to do this as fully it could be done. As anyone in clergy or community organizing knows, people can grow a great deal through mentoring. This is particularly true of people on the Spectrum since they are as impressionable as they are pure hearted. Job are an excellent context to mentor people withing since they present unique challenges and test of character. Although the legal details of selling a non-profit business in a box might not be as straight forward as selling the business in a box to an individual or a group of them depending on your state, opening a Blue-J with the goal of reaching out to these people are certainly an option for your organization.

Parents of adults
on the Spectrum

Pastors and other
community organizers

Mainstream and special education teachers

Persons on
the Spectrum