Our Purpose

Become a pillar in your community by employing those on the Spectrum!

We are an eco-friendly, detail driven company which offers our clients consistency in cleaning. Blue-J is more than a cleaning company. We are advocates, offering employment opportunities and mentoring to those on the Autism Spectrum. Our ultimate goal is to help our employees to reach their full potential.

Our latent goal is to become a successful and marketable franchise so that the Blue-J mission may extend beyond the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Keeping it simple

When you buy a commercial cleaning business in a box from Blue-J, you will not have to reinvent the wheel as you would if you started your own cleaning company from scratch. We tell you what supplies to buy, we have a world class marketing system in place to build brand recognition for our movement. You can probably use many things which you already own to do business. This is particularly true if you own an SUV, minivan, or another vehicle which can transport at least two vacuums, two mop buckets, two mops, and four buckets for cleaning supplies such as dusters, cloths, and magic erasers.

Be a pioneer in the market by operating a social entrepreneurship enterprise in your community! You will not be a pioneer in the sense that you will have to be completely self-reliant as you will benefit from our experience. For those who were already considering starting their own cleaning company (or even for those who already operate their own cleaning company), the cost of the business in a box will ultimately come out of whatever money our experience and business model earns or saves you.