How do we work?

Today’s society is distinct from that of the mid-2010s and before because a generation of people who were diagnosed with some form of Autism Spectrum disorder have now become adults. Since work is compulsory for all who are able to perform it in American society and has been since the nation’s founding, some if not most individuals on the Spectrum will be required to find employment. We do not solely employ persons on the Autism Spectrum. We employ persons who are neurotypical and desire to the largest employer of those with all neurodiversities who are capable of work.

Blue-J is on the cutting edge because it is addressing the needs of an American society, impacted by these changes in offering a commercial cleaning business in a box to well-qualified individuals. Our cleaning business in a box is affordable compared to other cleaning businesses in a box and is uniquely tailored to the needs of the worker on the Spectrum. Buy our cleaning business in a box and you will be able to apply a business model designed around the industrial psychology of individuals on the Spectrum. What other cleaning company can offer a business model with as nuanced an understanding of workers on the Spectrum as Blue-J? What is stopping you from contacting Blue-J RIGHT NOW?

For the moment, well-qualified individuals may purchase a license to operate although Blue-J eventually plans to franchise its business model. Regardless of when this comes to pass, individuals who buy a business in a box today will never have to pay any franchise fees! Such individuals will also retain a much greater degree of freedom when Blue-J eventually does decide to franchise its business model, SO THE BEST TIME TO


We do not charge royalties.


Gaining Clients

Make it clear that your cleaning business is different from the other commercial cleaning businesses in your area because of it’s socially conscious mission and environmentally friendly methods. It’s logical to be eco-logical and autism works! Ms Schultz is a genius when it comes to social interactions, so she can walk you through social media, canvassing business parks and estimating jobs.

Hiring people on the Spectrum

Make contact with individuals on the autism spectrum, whom your business model as been stream-lined to employ. Ms Schultz can suggest events where the
Blue-J business owner can meet potential employees such as conferences. She can also share insights related to managing individuals on the Spectrum which she has gleaned from her experiences.

Building on your Blue-J’s reputation

Some Blue-J business owners will become so successful that they desire to delegate the day to day operations of their business to a trusted subordinate so that they can devote themselves to helping other people get their Blue-J started. A Blue-J business owner who reaches this level has reached the highest level of success possible in Blue-J and it is the mother company goal that every Blue-J business owner will eventually help other people start their own Blue-J business. Blue-J is equally as much a social movement as it is a business.

Helping other Blue-J’s

Blue-J currency is people and that currency is backed by trust. Blue-J offers the best commercial cleaning business in a box because Blue-J Cleaning solutions understands that it’s reputation, and not the profit margin, is the true bottom line. Indeed, a business’s cash flow is only a proxy for the level of trust which the market process places in a given business and this will be a process which is almost entirely directed by the owner of the Blue-J business. This is a very big responsibility. For some greatest which they will have in their life.

Start Today !

If you, or someone you know, wants to start a business, this is a great opportunity.