Eco-friendly House Cleaning Franchise In Canada

Blue- J is at the forefront of providing eco-friendly, socially responsible consistent cleaning solutions for both commercial and residential buildings since November 2012.

We  offer best house cleaning franchise opportunity in Canada. Become a small-office and house cleaning business owner while serving your community in more ways than one with our unique business model

Blue-J came into existence when the founder, Janet Schultz, discovered how those on the Autism Spectrum had special attributes to become a valuable asset to this company. We are not any run-of-the-mill cleaning service provider ; we take pride in labeling ourselves as a “socially responsible, ethical” cleaning company with a difference.

We are committed to provide employment specifically to those on the Autism Spectrum to clean small offices and homes. Contact us and  start your own small cleaning company to extend your service for the larger good.


Blue J Helps Keeping Your House Sparkling Clean

Blue J Cleaning understands that modern lifestyle does not left enough room to balance workplace commitments and  domestic chores to keep your house spic and span. .

We understand you want your abode to be a well-organized, neat, and hygienic place to live in. That’s why we have now entered the domain of house cleaning. Our dedicated team of hardworking individuals will use the best possible cleaning products to provide  a sparkling clean house in less time.

We  understand every family has their own preferences, so we work in accordance with their requirements to achieve results that meet their expectations. Expect efficient, hygienic, comprehensive services from a socially responsible house cleaning franchise in Canada.

Eco-friendly House Cleaning Franchise In Canada

Blue J Cleaning is committed to working for the overall good of the mankind. Contributing to save and preserve our precious environment is one of the primary purposes of this social enterprise. Whether it’s a small office or a house to clean up, we only use top-quality eco-friendly cleaning products that are made of natural, organic materials.

If you are a motivated individual who wants to own and operate a small office and house cleaning franchise while playing a significant role in the development of your community, call us now 704-589-3148 to get started.

Give a New Ray of Hope To Those On The Spectrum

When you join Blue-J Cleaning family, you become a new ray of hope to those on the Autism Spectrum. They are the people who deserve a chance to live a respectable life and reach their full potential. They possess special attributes which need to be identified and utilized for their own benefit.

 When you buy Blue J house cleaning franchise, you are definitely playing a vital role in their upliftment.

For more information, call 704-589-3148