Working with Blue-J

Congratulations for purchasing a
Blue-J business in a box!

There are many benefits to being a Blue-J trailblazer. For you, the business owner, you have the opportunity to be your own boss and find your own path to prosperity. But you will gain so much more. You will have a sense of fulfillment and a connection to those around you like you might never have had before. It is no exaggeration to say that Blue-J is offering you a new life.

Your employees will have a chance to gain experience in the workplace and make new friends. This might be the first time in their life that they are able to be accepted anywhere. Imagine how you would feel if you had been rejected your entire life. Then one day you were working with people similar to yourself and you just felt like you had just come home.

We bring a fresh face to the cleaning industry

While there are many commercial cleaning companies which allow people to purchase their business model by purchasing either a franchise or a license to operate, only Blue-J Cleaning Solutions offers a business model which is suited specifically for employing individuals on the Autism Spectrum to clean small offices. We also demonstrate that it is logical to be ecological. This is because we only use eco-friendly cleaning products and as a result of this, our supply chain is more cost-effective than that of other commercial cleaning companies. These supply chain efficiencies result in savings which can be reinvested into other areas for the business. One benefit of our cost-effective supply chain is that the Blue-J business owner can budget more money for transportation from the savings and take jobs across a larger geographic area as a result. Thus, it is not only ethical to be eco-friendly, but it is also efficient.  If one is concerned about the environment at all or has ever been interested in helping those on the Spectrum, and they were looking to start a small office cleaning company in their area anyway, then they need to LOOK NO FURTHER THAN BLUE-J!